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联邦公司税准备 准备C公司,S公司和 有限责任公司 税. 税 preparation may be done by 税payers without the help of an 会计.

联邦公司税准备 of your 企业所得税es Is a complicated process. Our 联邦公司税准备 services provide authoritative guidance in navigating the confusing maze of federal and state corporate legislation, 裁决, 和公告.


A 企业所得税 is a levy placed on a firm’s profit by the government. The money collected from 企业所得税es is used as a nation’s source of income. A firm’s operating earnings are calculated by deducting expenses, including the cost of goods sold (COGS) and depreciation from revenues. Next, 税 rates are applied to generate a legal obligation that the business owes the government.

Rules surrounding 企业所得税ation vary greatly worldwide, but they must be voted upon and approved by a country’s government to be enacted. 一些地区, 如泽, 被认为是避税天堂, 像这样, 受到企业的高度重视.

In an effort to increase 税 revenue, legislation continues to focus on corporations and 合作伙伴关系. Current corporate and partnership 税 laws have never been more confusing to prepare. bat365app手机版下载 is experienced in 联邦公司税准备 of 税 returns for businesses. 不管你是大号的, 媒介, 或小公司, we can assist you with the Federal 税 Preparation of your returns.

No matter the size of your company or partnership, we provide 税收筹划 and Corporate 税 solution that is tailored to your specific situation. Our goal is to provide our service with minimal interruption of your business and the 会计 function by electronically integrating with your 会计 system. Business owners understand the importance of having access to accurate and timely financial information. We can assist during the year with 会计 closes so that corporate and partnership 税 returns can be prepared accurately and expeditiously.

Even if you have let the books slip a bit, we can help get them cleaned up prior to preparing your return, 准备好你的时间表, and then help you plan for the best way to keep your books up-to-date going forward. Don’t be embarrassed to bring your problems to us. We’re professionals and we’re here to assist you.

Besides your 联邦公司税准备, we also:

  •  Year-round 税收筹划 for federal and state corporate income 税
  • Provides a checklist to help you gather all necessary information for return preparation
  • Quarterly News Letter with up to the minute changes in 税 legislation
Types of 联邦公司税准备  (not a complete list…just the most popular)
  • 1120美国公司所得税申报表
  • 1120-SUS Income 税 Return for 股份公司oration
  • 7004 Application for Automatic Extension to File
  • 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income 税

税务审计 assistance and free review of prior year 联邦公司税准备 are also part of our commitment to provide you with fast & 精准专业的bat365的手机登录网站. 不要让 国税局 恐吓你.


联邦公司税准备 preparing C Corp, S公司和有限责任公司准备C公司, 股份公司, 和公司税收. 纳税人可以申请或者使用会计
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法定货币 is made legal tender by a government decree or fiat. 它没有内在价值. It has value only because a government maintains its value

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